July 03, 2008

You might not have been reading this blog long enough to remember this:


My swatch for the Green Tea Raglan from last springs Interweave Knitting.

The sweater is done and will be blogged soon. I have finally decided I want the belt and that is going to be finished in a little while.

Meanwhile the swatch is no longer a swatch, but knitted grafitti. It's so much prettier hanging on a tree by the river Akerselva in Oslo than at the bottom of my knitting basket.

In the jungle

This picture was taken on Tuesday, when the By:Garn ladies, the "knittah, please" ladies of Oslo, were out "tagging" the city along with a journalist and a photographer from one of Norways biggest glossy ladies mags. I heard the journalist mention the words "four page article". Exciting!

We had great fun, and I am already looking forward to the next time we go out to put our knitted tagging up.


Horse leg warmer



I got to borrow pictures from IreneSol. Thank you Irene! Also, the lady in the pretty, lilac tank is Hildegunn, a good partner in crime. My favourite tag of the day was on her behalf. I managed to tag her bike without her noticing at first ;)

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Bezzie said...

Impressive balance on that pole!!

I vaguely remember that GTR!!