December 31, 2008

I think I did ok... Bye 2008

A quick summary on 2008 in pictures of finished objects

Finished objects 2008

30 finished knitted and crocheted objects of various shapes, colours and sizes. My first adult sweater, and proof that I now know the right and wrong end of a crochet needle. A self published pattern and some stuff I made up myself. I don't think that's half bad.

Hoping 2009 will prove just as good a knitting year as 2008, for everybody.

I've got a basket full of unfinished objects, and babies are going to be popping out among family and friends next year too (I know this for a fact!) I know my first finished object of 2009 will be gray, buttoned and wooly. I cast on yesterday and already have a pocket and sleeve done.


December 29, 2008

Single pointed bamboo sticks

Just to prove to anyone happening by that I am still around, though I seem to have completely lost my knitting and blogging mojo. I've not blogged, far less knit anything in weeks.

I'm still using bamboo when it matters though:


...and handknits too!

This years x-mas turned out a whole lot different than we thought it would be. It's been a bit stressful, not the calm and peaceful, long, at home x-mas vacation I thought I was going to have. Things are starting to get better and look normal now. I'm still looking at three somewhat stressful January weeks, then I hope I can get back to my old knitting, couch potato self in not too long. (and there will be a new couch, thanks to mom+dad+santa:)

Happy new year all!

December 07, 2008

I should have blogged a week ago. Also, I'm a nosy little person

Shetland triangle shawl is absolutely and completely finished. In fact it's been done so long it's freshly blocked state is starting to pass too. I'm a bit disappointed in that actually. Must be the stubbornness of the Evilla. I forgive it. It's gorgeous anyway.

Shetland Triangle #2 blocking

Shetland Triangle #2 blocking

Taking pictures of the blocking "in progress" reminded me of something I really like as an added bonus when reading knitting blogs. Sometimes, when people present their finished knits and it's not something that is modelled, or when they are so eager to show off their most recent lace that they cannot wait for it to be completely dry and unpinned; you get a sneak peak into their house as well. Amazing knitters, who usually give us exellent pictures of finished knitting in the prettiest set ups give us a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of a knitting blog.

I'm sure you know what I mean...
(pictures chosen from a flickr search at random)

When blocking my Evilla shawl the guest bed, that I normally block things on, was occupied. So I set out to block in on the living room floor instead (dangerous thing that, with a 6 year old in the house). When I looked through the gazillion pictures I'd taken of the blocking prosess I realised I'd done it myself.

So here it is, a sneak peek into my living room.

Shetland Triangle #2 blocking

Emergency lengthening of blocking surface is a pink place mat that P bought. I'm still baffled by the fact that I have a man who buys pink stuff for his own house. Then there's the cardigan on the piano stool, it's been hanging there since summer. I plan to make said cardigan into a cover for the stool. The piano, no one in this house knows how to play it. Pictured above the piano are pictures from West Virginia, painted by "dad" (P's distant relative and stand-in dad from his year in WV in 1992). Also in the picture is a variety of fruit and booze and my all time favourite plastic flowers (ick). Also, I can now see that my curtains must have shrunk a bit the last time I washed them.

So, what's your favourite blocking photo?