December 29, 2008

Single pointed bamboo sticks

Just to prove to anyone happening by that I am still around, though I seem to have completely lost my knitting and blogging mojo. I've not blogged, far less knit anything in weeks.

I'm still using bamboo when it matters though:


...and handknits too!

This years x-mas turned out a whole lot different than we thought it would be. It's been a bit stressful, not the calm and peaceful, long, at home x-mas vacation I thought I was going to have. Things are starting to get better and look normal now. I'm still looking at three somewhat stressful January weeks, then I hope I can get back to my old knitting, couch potato self in not too long. (and there will be a new couch, thanks to mom+dad+santa:)

Happy new year all!


Bezzie said...

Happy new year!! Enjoy that new couch!

Merete said...

Nerdete nok lo jeg fælt av overskriften. Takk for følget i 2008!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, I know those mittens! :-)

Anna said...

Godt nyttår!