November 14, 2009

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing thread?"

...said M a few days ago.

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing tread?"

This work in progress has great drape and feel. And I love the colour. But it's knitting up ever so slowly. I love working on it though.
It's nothing but plain old garter stitch now. 150 stitches a row on 3mm needles. But there is a plan for some spruceing up with a crisp white crochet border and some lovely blue seed beads. I have never tried adding beads to crochet. I hope I can make it work. And if I can make it work without pre-stringing the beads I'll be very, very happy. There's still a fair bit of knitting to do first though.

Most of my time these days are spent with a paint brush in hand. I hope I'm all done before mom and dad come to visit next weekend. Before that, I hope to finish the border on a shawl for mom too. If I do, mom will bring me back my purple Shetland triangle shawl. She kidnapped it last time she was here, telling me I would get it back when I finished the shawl for her. So far, it looks like it worked...

And because it's Saturday, and really dark and wet outside, I baked.

Aniseed buns

Aniseed buns. I've had a craving for these for about a week now. They're cooling down at the moment, I've only had one to taste, but we'll dig into them for real as soon as P and M comes back from a few hours of swimming. Yum!

November 05, 2009

Mid day snack

I don't care if it's snowing outside. The fire place is lit and I have time to sit down and enjoy a mid day snack.

Mid-day snack

Home made banana bread and dried apple rings. Accompanied by my favourite tea, sweet coconut thai chai.

November 02, 2009

Another one

Another hat craving, another hat, another pompom.

M's white pompom hat

M's white pompom hat

Using up stash yarn in a fast way.

White is maybe not the best colour for a young girl who tends to get moss, leaves and mud on everything she wears. We'll see how it looks a month from now... I'll also take care not to mention that I personally think the yarn, Alfa, is a bit on the scratchy side.

Worked this up as I went along, using the cable chart from the Yellow Harvest mittens in last winters Vogue knitting. M helped out with the pompom. If she had her way she would probably pompom everything.