April 28, 2008

A birthday present

We're driving up to the west coast for the upcoming week end. Home. To celebrate my aunts 50th birthday. It's going to be a huge family celebration, just how we like them.

I've made my aunt a Flower Basket Shawl. I'm pretty sure she'll love it. I sure like it a lot!

Flower basket shawl

Flower basket shawl

If I'm going to worry about something, it's the size of it. My aunt is a bit more broad shouldered than I am. I usually worry about things like this for no reason. I suppose most knitters do. Also, if it's on the small side she can keep it together with the pretty shawl pin she is getting along with the shawl.

I don't get to do proper omg-this-is-a-miracle blocking often. I don't knit enough lace for that. I have however come up with my own tecnique where other (lucky bastards) would use blocking wires;
KITCHEN STRING and the rigt kind of bed...

DIY blocking wire

DIY blocking wire

Flower basket shawl

April 23, 2008


Tuscany mosaic

Finally. Done. Happy!

April 16, 2008

The dollar is very favourable these days

Greetings from Amazon.com.

We thought you'd like to know that we shipped your items, and that this
completes your order.

The following items have been shipped to you by Amazon.com:
Qty Item Price Shipped Subtotal
Amazon.com items (Sold by Amazon.com, LLC):
1 The Knitter's Book of Yarn... $19.80 1 $19.80
1 The Whole Craft of Spinnin... $6.95 1 $6.95
1 Vintage Knits: Thirty Knit... $16.50 1 $16.50
1 Lace Style: Traditional to... $16.47 1 $16.47
1 Things I Learned From Knit... $8.58 1 $8.58
1 Victorian Lace Today $19.77 1 $19.77

Shipped via Standard Int'l Shipping (estimated arrival date:

Item Subtotal: $88.07
Shipping & Handling: $27.93

Total: $116.00

I know someone who's going to think this might fall into the category of "going a bit over board". I don't think so at all ;)

I'm a bit baffled by the long delivery time though. May 20th. Really? I seem to remember previous orders having a lot shorter shipping time. Maybe steam boats are back in business?
Maybe it's good, the deliverytime being so long. Gives me a chance to finish my aunts birthday shawl by May 3rd, the black knee stockings that need to be done by May 30th, and dads Koolhaas for his birthday in mid May.

April 12, 2008

Shitty spring

I was fooled yesterday by this little beauty.


For a few hours I thought that spring was finally here. Until I woke up this morning


On the bright side, crappy weather days are good for a few things

Chai tea

Flower basket wip

I also finished a hat for M.; Gooseberry hat (ravelry link), a really cute pattern. And a new to me yarn, Lerke by Dale. Marie has been wanting a blue hat with a pompom for months. (For my Norwegian readers; One just like Lillebror has in the books by about Lillebror and Knerten.)

Gooseberry hat

I especially love the hat for the yarn, it was a pleasure to knit with. Cotton, but without the pain! I'm curious to see how it wears and washes. If after a few weeks it's still good, I might want a cardi for me out of this. It could compare it to unstretchy Calmer.

April 05, 2008

Such a nice and sunny day

The sun was shining and I had that lovely spring feeling today. So what better to do than spend the day inside, in wellies.


At least I was not alone


CIMG6225 CIMG6226 CIMG6229

So, are you pulling your weight to stop the climate changes? How far above sea level do you live?


April 01, 2008


All dressed up and ready for... Something...


Theresa and I, in our Cloud Boleros. At Oslo S'n'B today. We were told spesifically to wear nice handknits since a journalist and photographer were going to be there to make an article about our group.

A fun evening, even tough I came home to find out I'm 3 grams short of yarn for a pair of baby socks, after I finished the first one while bitching.

I also learned how to set the white balance on my camera, so hopefully there will be truer colours in my pictures in the future.