January 31, 2009

Baby, baby, baby

The title sums up this post to a tee.

Baby mittens

Mittens for "i"

Baby cardigan

BSJ for a tiny baby girl

Baby blanket in progress

Spring coloured baby blanket

The mittens have been done for quite some time, so has the BSJ. But I kind of lost my felting needle, and you all know how long it can take to find the perfect buttons and actually sew them on... So this is not me being unfaithful to the project "cocoon cloud" that I swore I'd be monogamous to in my last entry!

The blanket however, now there's where I'm cheating on my "cocoon cloud"! Then again I figured I'm allowed to have one "knitting relationship" and one "crochet relationship". Especially now that the knitting has proved to be a pain in the butt. The sleeves are giving me a lot of trouble. To get everything to match up and the picking up under the arms to look nice I have to pick up too many stitches, and the sleeves end up too wide, and the math does not add up after all... AND CROCHET IS JUST SOOOO FAST AND EASY AND RELAXING FOR THE MIND. I'm allowing myself to have a crochet affair, OK?

January 25, 2009

My week in feet

It's actually a challenge for me, trying to take a picture of my feet every day, getting it uploaded and added to the correct group on flickr. I knew there was a reason why I never threw myself on to the "365" bandwagon. I know of various things that would have made this task easier for me, but most involve quite a bit of money (new camera, lap-top...)

In the end I'm relatively happy with most of the pictures. I've had some learning moments, that's a good thing! (Like, my camera will never under any light or circumstances get the colour cyclamen pink right!)

So without further ado, I present to you
(most recent pictures first because I got terribly lazy in the end...)

A week of Nordic Feet

I'm amazed and happy with the amount of red in there. I should pay more attention to red in my knitting too. It's a really pretty colour!

January 23, 2009

Finally friday knitting

I picked up an old wip a few days ago. There has been some swearing, ripping and careful tinking. I'm finally on the right track again now, and am making good progress.

Ah, Friday knitting...

A while ago I started to knit a fairly midified Cloud Bolero out of Rowan Cocoon. I did not make any notes of the changes I made. Using thick needles and awsome yarn I was absolutely sure I was going to be done in no time at all and I was being quite faithful to this project only. But you know how this goes... I got absolutely sidetracked and packed this little baby away. It ended up at the bottom of my very messy wip-basket and I forgot all about it until two days ago. Then I could not remember what the modifications were, and I could not find my print-out of the pattern. There was a lot of rummageing through various baskets and bags until I'm now on the right track again. 50 grams of Cocoon left to knit for the body, and 100 grams for (oh hey, modification!) sleeves. I do have some non-knitting related plans for the weekend. But I swear I will be faithful to this little baby until it's finished now.

Happy, knitterly weekend!

January 18, 2009

Feet. Nordic Feet.

To ensure at least one future blog post, and this one I just joined the Nordic Feet group on Flickr. One picture of your feet, every day for a week. I won't bore you with feet every day. But be warned, next Sunday will be full of feet...

Warming up

Literally; the warm up picture. That's my small but very handy heater on full blast. I turn it on and point it at my feet when I'm on the computer at home. Without it my feet would be cold. And once my feet are cold I'm cold all over. I bet you know the feeling.

My feet are very much looking forward to a seminar at a hotel, wine tasting and S'n'B among other things the coming week.

See you next weekend at the latest. For todays knitting content, go to HoWR.

January 12, 2009

Not really feeling the knitting

That's not absolutely true, but to some extent. I don't enjoy knitting as much these days as I used to. Maybe it's bad project and material choices, maybe it's just my mind and the time of year, or just plain stress. Some days I just can't be bothered with the stitches. So progress on a lot of things is slow. Not much to show really.

What I really want to do is spin, but I kind of made a pledge to myself that I would not spin something new before I've spun up the rest of the the gray wool that I've been spinning on an off since I got my wheel. That bag of gray was huge... And there's still so much left! I just don't think I can be bothered to finish right now. After all I have something nice, super soft and fluffy and after all colourful to dig into if I throw all my promises to myself on the boat.


How can I resist this?

(I have been knitting, for myself even. My next post will contain a picure where I will most likely look like I crammed a cross between a shower cap and a hen onto my head. Look forward to it.)