January 25, 2009

My week in feet

It's actually a challenge for me, trying to take a picture of my feet every day, getting it uploaded and added to the correct group on flickr. I knew there was a reason why I never threw myself on to the "365" bandwagon. I know of various things that would have made this task easier for me, but most involve quite a bit of money (new camera, lap-top...)

In the end I'm relatively happy with most of the pictures. I've had some learning moments, that's a good thing! (Like, my camera will never under any light or circumstances get the colour cyclamen pink right!)

So without further ado, I present to you
(most recent pictures first because I got terribly lazy in the end...)

A week of Nordic Feet

I'm amazed and happy with the amount of red in there. I should pay more attention to red in my knitting too. It's a really pretty colour!

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Batty said...

Funny... I find that I knit and wear the colors I use in my decorating. I guess it makes sense. Red is good.