August 18, 2008

Big M


She's a schoolgirl now!

When we visited Rauma Yarns factory outlet this summer I told her I'd knit her a new hat to wear to school this winter. I also told her she could pick her own yarn for it right there and then. We were standing right by all the alpaca yarn, I felt safe.

She picked this:


Lanartus Beo! 100% polyamide...

A bit of quick thinking (gently guiding her towards the gray, away from the screaming red) and picking up some additional yarns...


It'll be a hat, possibly with a scarf attatched to it, and with ears. Bunny or dog, not yet decided.

While I put off starting the hat I'm trying to work as much as possible on this

Blue sweater in progress

A top down raglan with small cables on the sleeves and down the front, using the ecological cotton I found on sale earlier this summer. Looks promising, though I find the knitting a bit slow already. I thought I'd be zooooming along, since I'm using larger needles than I normally do. Forgetting that 3.5 mm really is not all that big, and adults are larger than babies. Oh well! At least it will keep me away from the fun fur until M starts asking where her hat is.

August 17, 2008

The annual power tool shot

Is this girl power?


I always make sure to remember gloves


and ear plugs

remember ear plugs

The pink wellies are kind of important too...


(Here's last years power tool shot... I need new equipment if I'm going to keep this up. And I hope I am;)



August 15, 2008

# 1

I found the buttons!
In fact I found way more buttons than I thought I owned.

So, finally my first BSJ is done.


I'm very happy with how this turned out. I was not sure I'd like knitting this pattern after a failed attempt about a year ago. I started this one armed with more confidence (and counless tips and tricks from Ravelers), and it all worked out. I'm so pleased with the striping and the cuffs look really good too, although I'll change some things there if I chose to do cuffs like those again. It was my first time knitting two colour ribbing, so I can't be too critical of my own work I think.

BSJ Cuff

And after digging through my knitting basket countless times and finally emptying the whole thing I found the metal buttons I wanted for this jacket.

BSJ Buttons

I knew they were somewhere close, because I had my fingers on them earlier this summer, but after searching through my basket 5 times I started worrying I might have put these particular buttons "somewhere safe". There was an added bonus of a much tidier knitting basket*, much forgotten about candy and more buttons that I no longer remember buying.

BSJ #1 on Ravelry.

*not really a basket... I'll have to take a picture of it and all it holds sometime and take proper inventory of it.

August 14, 2008

Linen and lace?

I know I absolutely love to look at linen in it's natural form.


I've now set myself up to find out if I'll love knitting with linen equally much.

Blue lace weight linenWhite lace weight linen

I'm thinking of knitting a shawl with the blue and a curtain with the white.
I've had a stab at knitting with DK weight linen before, and did not enjoy it much. I hope this is better. Or I'll just have to learn to weave or crochet...

I've spent hours today searching for some buttons to finish a BSJ. I saw them just before I went on vacation and now they're nowhere to be found. I need them right now! More on that another day. Button search continues, BSJ is being handed over tomorrow...

August 10, 2008


Free, originally uploaded by G_u_r_o.

Today was a truly amazing Sunday.

Also, I have not knit for three days. I can not remember the last time that happened.