June 30, 2007

Dinosaur baby socks

June has flewn by, and a few days ago I found myself without any socks to submit to Socktopia this month. Couldn't have any of that could I? Besides I knew of a little guy who is going to need some socks when winter gets here. So I took a stab at the Ruffle rib socks from Interweave/KnittingDaily.com. They practically flew off the needles (at least after I had finished the decreasing portion from 88 to 44 stitches). I'm very happy with these socks. I think they look extremely cool and it's the first time I've managed to knit a short row heel (and toe) according to the pattern and not rip back and do it in my own unvented way.

So there, a pair of socks in June too:

dinosaur socks

ruffle fancy bind off

Opal Rainforest yarn, Cameleon
2,5 mm dpns

June 13, 2007

Trellis the tourist

Trellis was supposed to go visit his new owner at the hospital today, and then go home wiht them. But that was canselled, and Trellis was a bit sad. To cheer him up I decided Trellis should do some touristy things in Oslo. Because tourists are always happy!(?)

We went to Akershus fortress
big gun

Trellis thought it was such a nice place to show off his great green-ness

and pretty buttons

He hung out with Norways national monument

Hugged the big guns
on a gun

admiered the view of the Oslo fjord
on a big gun

and Oslo harbour
looking at harbour
oslo harbour
(the cranes are a nice touch, huh?)

Trellis was very small compared to Franklin

In the end we went home and had norwegian pancakes for dinner, on the porch.

Trellis is 127 grams of 100% superwash wool from danish yarn manufacturer HP Løve. He is a bit short on seed stitch in places, but please don't tell him that, he does not know it himself yet. He is going to be just the right size for his new owner to wear sometime around Christmas.

(Some of the pictures in this post has notes, clicking takes you to flickr to see them)

June 11, 2007

Knittyboard sock swap - part deux

I'm in the second sock swap hosted on the Knittyboard. I had so much fun the first time, so there was no doubt in my mind I would have to sign up for the second one.

This time round I have two great swap partners Stariel and Suemoon.

My answers to this rounds sock swap questionaire are as follows:

1.Are you sensitive to any fibres? Any you don't like? Any you need to take private time with?
I'm not a great believer of alpaca in socks, other than that I suppose anything goes. All my hand knit socks so far have been wool or wool blend. Maybe it's time to try something new?

2.What colors do you prefer?
I prefer clean colours or "jewel tones" to "earth tones". I like wild and wacky colour combos too.

3. Variegated, striped, plain with texture, plain and silky? variegated that pools?
Yes to all of the above.

4.Where do you normally wear your hand-made socks?
Around the house? Yes
To work with comfy sensible shoes? During winter
Out with pumps and minis? Nope. I generally don't do pumps nor minis.

5.If you could leave your partner and run off with only one sock yarn, which would it be and why? Run off? Why? He'll hopefully accept my newfound love and invite the cute yarn bundle to come live with us. After all, we are "living in sin" already.

6.What are your foot measurements? And what height do you like your socks to be? I'm a size Eur 36/37 in shoes, foot on the narrower end of the scale. For the last swap I measured my foot. It is 24,5 cm from heel to toe. (Gee, this is getting kind of personal, no?)I like my socks on the taller side, calf lenght maybe.

7.Who is your favorite sock designer? Who's patterns do you knit the most??
I like socks, all socks!

8.what weight of sock do you like, fine, medium, or thick?
See above...

June 08, 2007

Early summer waiting

I'm enjoying these...

Tiny red flowersGressløkThymeWhite flower

And waiting for these...

RaspberryPlumsRed currantsBlack currantsGooseberryWild strawberriesWild cherriesGarden/american blueberriesPeony budStrawberriesTiny grapes
(Was that enough green for you?)

To shorten the waiting time, we're enjoying ourselves on the porch in the evenings. Doing what we like the most.
ReadingSeed stitch
(That's the Green Tea Raglan from Spring IK)

The pictures in this post were all taken between 9.30 and 10 in the evening. I love long, warm summer evenings.

To avoid a green overdose, and also it's been much too hot to be working with wool, Trellis will not be shown here until the sleves are sewn in and ends woven!

June 04, 2007


While Trellis is having its ends woven in and its sleeves attatched, I'm happy to tell you that my mom visited this weekend and is the happy owner of a new pair of socks. She does not mind the bigfoot-look at all.
I tried to teach her to knit the Ballband Dishcloth from Mason-Dixon knitting, she tried to (managed to) talk me out of knitting bright yellow and blue moccasine socks!
Oh, and I cast on for the Green Tea Raglan from spring IK too, finally:)