March 14, 2010


From this


Through this

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing tread?"

And into this

Garter stitch linen stole with beaded edge

Garter stitch linen stole with beaded edge

Tough one of the most boring projects I've ever knit, I'm absolutely in love with the finished object. I've worn it several times already, even though it's still wool weather. The linen keeps me warm enough, while it still feels cool to the skin.
The white edgeing is a variation on the garter belt I knit last summer. The only difference is adding beads instead of "nupps" to the point of the triangles. It was fiddly and took some time, and I admit I spilled beads all over the sofa a couple of times. But the beads add so much to this stole and I'm very glad I added them.

Needless to say, I think this is a winner and something I'll cherish for years to come.

I love it THIS MUCH!

Garter stitch linen stole with beaded edge

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March 07, 2010

There is no excuse

for the silence on this blog.

for blogging purposes

I do still knit, I do still take photos of my knitting and more. It just seems these days I'm not able to find enough words to compose a whole, read worthy blog post.

I tell myself every day to get better at it. I do miss the blogging. But I guess these things have their ups and downs.

If you miss me terribly (though I guess not many do) and don't already follow me on flickr, please know that I am there more than I am here. I upload at least one picture a week, as part of the 52/2010 Knitterly and Crafty types sp pool.