March 07, 2010

There is no excuse

for the silence on this blog.

for blogging purposes

I do still knit, I do still take photos of my knitting and more. It just seems these days I'm not able to find enough words to compose a whole, read worthy blog post.

I tell myself every day to get better at it. I do miss the blogging. But I guess these things have their ups and downs.

If you miss me terribly (though I guess not many do) and don't already follow me on flickr, please know that I am there more than I am here. I upload at least one picture a week, as part of the 52/2010 Knitterly and Crafty types sp pool.


Ugla said...

Selvsagt har jeg savnet deg! Jeg iler inn og legger deg til som venn på flickr :-)

knitxx0r said...

I always enjoy taking a peek at your blog; and I think I've seen you around the city a couple times... should I ask for your autograph next time? I totally sympathize about blog-apathy. After a year of intensive knitting, I find I just don't have anything else to say right now.