April 16, 2009


One WIP off the needles, but backwards not forward.

From a tangled mess of back and sleeves of a bolero sweater:

A tangled, messy WIP

To a nice and tidy(ish) balls of yarn:

Yarn - liberated

Yarn, five 4mm dpns, a circ, stitc markers and row counter LIBERATED!


April 13, 2009

Whoops - there's another deadline...

Time just flies sometimes. And now my cousin has started her maternity leave, the baby is due in about 2 weeks. And I have not started to knit anything for the the little fellow soon to arrive.

One of my favourite things I've knit for a little spring baby boy is denim drawstring pants. They are so fast to knit, the result is great and they're awsome looking on a little baby.

drawstring close-up

I've dug up a few balls of Rowan Denim from the stash. Maybe they'll get done in a week, then I have another week to knit a cutesy little vest to go with it? Ponder, ponder...

The easter projects have gone so so. One legging has grown considerably, the shawl has not been touched, and I've almost finished one sock - knee high :)
It's good to be home again!

April 08, 2009

Pessimistic - optimistic

Packed for good weather...

X-mas present from P

Packed for bad weather


-A KnitPicks sock blank, self-dyed and wound. Numerous patterns for toe-up socks...
-100 grams of Opal Rainforrest Zebra yarn, already on track to become leggings for M.
-a just started Flower Basket shawl in brown alpaca, for those rare occations when cabin life (small space, many people, poor lighting) will give me enough calm and consentration for that kind of project

Ah, well. Fingers crossed for more of the former than the latter.

April 07, 2009

Resting in a drawer for a year


The "Easterwalkers".

Knit for easter 2006, I still love them and look forward to putting them in my easter luggage every year.

Happy easter! I'll be back over the holidays.

April 04, 2009

Done, wrapped and in the mail!

Blanket for Frøya - squishy

7,5 balls of Rauma 2-tråds Gammelserie in gray, and some leftovers in red and pinks makes a practical, whimsical and very cozy blanket for a little girl to enjoy for many years to come I hope. It's a christening gift for a little girl, made in a week (there was some pressure to get it done in time and a sore wrist in the end).

Blanket for Frøya

I'm so happy with how it all came togheter in the end. The felting turned the slightly twine like yarn into the softest, squishiest thing. It's also now very much washable, I don't think it will felt much more on a normal wool cycle. And it's larger than a baby blanket, so it can be used for many years to come.

Pre- and post-felting images:

Blanket-wip, guy and girl for scale. Pre-felting
Pre: covers an "average sized" man

Blanket for Frøya
Post: covers a 6 year old girl

About a month ago I was crocheting red flowers just for the heck of it. I had no intention to use them for anything. Then P "ordered me" to make a blanket for his best friends baby. I started playing around with a hook and left over yarn from my Oleana hat (Ravelry link). I frogged a scarf in progress to get more yarn (it was never going to get finished anyway, bought 5 more balls of gray, rummaged through the stash for some girly coloured oddballs to spice it all up colourwise. And hey presto: blanket!

Blanket for Frøya -bright pink flowerBlanket for Frøya - pink flowerBlanket for Frøya - red flower
Ravelry project page