November 27, 2006

Back from a few days in London

I really thought I would come back with a lot of yarn! I thought I'd get some Christmas shopping done too!
Want to know what I bought? Two mascaras!!!
And quite a lot of beer, and some food, but I didn't take any of that home with me.

November 19, 2006



I knit a reptile hat for my daughters friend who loves dinosarus, snakes and lizards. Opal sock yarn, Rainforest collection in Cameleon. I made the hat, my daugther made the pom-pom. As you can see, it fits the recipient very well!

November 16, 2006

Thankyouverymuch, Elizabeth

In this post I'd like to thank Elizabeth. I find her knitting, her patterns and her very good blog a great inspiration. She is one amazing womann, in very many ways I'm sure.

See my lovely, finished shawl? That gorgeous colour... Elizabeth sent me the KoolAid I used to get that lovely colour. Aslo it reminds me of the colours she uses in some of her knitting (wich I have already said I really like, we might just as well say love!)
Thank you Elizabeth, for being who you are, and enabeling knitters, like me, around the world make lovely knitted items to warm themselves and others!


The whole shawl looks like this by the way. I'm very happy with it. I'm actually quite proud to have finished it. It really tested my patience knitting this at times. And I can be one patient girl if I set my mind to it!
Did I mention I love wearing it? I do.

Last but not least, for those of my readers (I know there is at least 2) who stop by from the knittyboard; the black baby kimono and hat is done! It's for a little girl, born yesterday.
baby kimono
I think it's very cute!

November 11, 2006



Finally, the knitting is done, it's washed and is blocking. Can't wait to unpin it tomorrow. Those ruffles take some time to dry...

November 06, 2006



I've been working on this shawl for a very long time. It feels like forever, but I know for a fact it's not that long. I'm near the end of it now, and last wednesday I tried to estimate how many stitches I have crammed around my 180 cm circular needle. I'm no math genius, but I came up with a number well over 2000.


It's not a very big shawl, and the ruffle edge is only about 2 cm wide. I'm sick and tired of knitting it though, so I'm going straight to the sofa to bind it off after blogging. 2000 stitches to go...

Oh, and I was at an S'n'B last Thursday. Go see lovely Theresa's blog for more on that. It was great. And my very first time S'n'B-ing.

My next post will have pictures of the finished shawl!