September 29, 2006

WIP - Otis for winter

otis from Knitty
Originally uploaded by G_u_r_o.

The WIP I'm working the most on right now is Otis from a previous edition of Knitty. I don't have a progress photo of it yet, and it really isn't very exiting to look at either. I've done the sleeves so far. And they basically look like two long pieces of very curling stockinette.

I'm making a long sleeve version, usin Vamsegarn by Rauma. I'm hoping it will be ok to wear with shirts in the office during winter. If it turns out nice and I like it when it's done I might make another using better quality yarn. Vamsegarn is cheap and a bit rough and scratchy. Deep down I think I'm a bit of a yarn snob, so I'd rather wear something else. But this is my first adult sweater, so I did not want to spend a lot of money on the yarn either. At leas I know I can use this yarn for Fuzzy Feet or felted mittens if I screw up the cardi. I would not have knit with this yarn if I was going to wear the garment like in the picture, next to skin. That would not be comfy.

I'm leaving for holiday in Austria tomorrow. We will be away for a week. I've planned what knitting to bring, and feel like I'm ready to go. More blogging when I get back.

And so it begins

The first post...
The one where you feel you must say the right things or you'll have started out with the wrong foot first. I don't know what to say. But I think I'll get the hang of this sooner or later.

The stash is slowly growing and sometimes I actually finish something. You'll hear about it here.