May 29, 2009

Something blue

I've been rummageing through the stash a lot lately. And also flicking through my "Luxury one skein wonders" numerous times. Conclusion is I have a lot of yarn, and also that this book has a lot of potential.

I've had two balls of baby blue Baby Silk from Du store alpakka buried under a lot of other stuff for ages. I finally found a very nice pattern for it. And it's crochet, wich I want to do more of. My hands were hurting a little bit after speeding through 3.5 balls of cotton on 2.5 mm needles (super secret project for now), and a pair of very heavy pot holders in very stiff yarn lately and I was definately in the mood for something very soft and non knitting.

Enter super simple, fast and nice scarf pattern...

Crochet squares for a scarf

I made three squares yesterday. The first one was a real brain churner, the second just fiddly enough to make interested and the third one was a breeze. Now I just have 7 more squares to go, if I don't decide to make it larger than the pattern states. I think it will be just lovely for summer nights or breezy days (I have a sensitive neck.) Also, I think this pattern will be great for last minute gifts. And that's always a good thing!

I'm really happy about how the pot holders turned out in the end too. They match the tiles in my kitchen and are very thick and squisy and last but not least big enough to cover a hand properly.

crochet potholders

Tonight I'll be knitting and going to the movies with Theresa, and tomorrow morning I head up to the mountains with my sister in law. She'll be working out on her bicycle, I'll be working my hook and needles. I'm bringing the baby silk and also the very promising start of a Pioneer in some very nice blue Falk yarn. And sunblock :)

May 25, 2009


I knit M a pair of legwarmers. Her first pair was getting old and worn and a little bit too short. She requested a "no snag" pair, because the old ones snagged on anything and everything and threads got pulled out. Not nice.

Sometime around easter I started these, frogged the first one half way and started over. I have skinny legs, M has skinnier legs, but aparently not that skinny. After casting on for the second time, with a lot more stitches and more purl stitches it was all smooth sailing.

Though these are originally for M, we have agreed that I get to borrow them, because they go so well with my new wellies. See...

Zebra legwarmers and wellies

And it's a good thing they go with my wellies, because I don't do much of this

Zebra legwarmers doing ballet

any more. I probably should, but I kinda sucked at it. I'm much better at gardening.

May 22, 2009

I think I like gray

We finally decided to move one of the wardrobes from the guest bedroom down to M's room. It's long overdue that she gets her own wardrobe. So I had to clear out that one wardrobe. Inbetween all the clutter and nonsense that was in that closet was yarn for three gray sweaters. I'll claim I don't know how that happended...

Other than that; it's raining. A lot!

May 18, 2009

She can do it!

M - knitting :)

I'm doing it too, only some of it is secret and the rest is not much to write about. I have a couple of finished stuff undocumented, just waiting for help with the photos.

May 17, 2009


I've commuted with this guy countless times! We won!

It's a Faerytale...

May 01, 2009

Every day should be like this...

Every day should be like this...

Sun shining, temperature perfect for a spring day, just a slight breeze, bare feet working the wheel, face up to the sun...


Boys, boys, boys

Two of my cousins have given birth to baby boys this week. This is what goes in the mail to the first one. Very boyish and not too cute.

Gift for Jakob

I'm very happy about how this came together. Turns out it's wise to have baby stuff bought on sale, and small baby items lying around in boxes and drawers.

Gift for Jakob

The denim panst are just finished, but the bunny bonnet was knit a year ago and has been stashed away since then. The onsie has been resting in the bottom of my knitting basket for over a year too, for no apparent reason. I can't even remember why I bought it.

I'm knitting a Baby Surprice Jacket for this little baby boy too. But that's another story and blogpost. It's nearly finished, I've even got the buttons ready!

The other baby boy will get a vest or a devil cap and scarf. I absolutely cannot decide wich alternative to go with. All I know is that I have the yarn ready and waiting. Three balls of Drops Merino Extra Fine in a gorgeous sky blue. Decisions, decisions...