May 01, 2009

Boys, boys, boys

Two of my cousins have given birth to baby boys this week. This is what goes in the mail to the first one. Very boyish and not too cute.

Gift for Jakob

I'm very happy about how this came together. Turns out it's wise to have baby stuff bought on sale, and small baby items lying around in boxes and drawers.

Gift for Jakob

The denim panst are just finished, but the bunny bonnet was knit a year ago and has been stashed away since then. The onsie has been resting in the bottom of my knitting basket for over a year too, for no apparent reason. I can't even remember why I bought it.

I'm knitting a Baby Surprice Jacket for this little baby boy too. But that's another story and blogpost. It's nearly finished, I've even got the buttons ready!

The other baby boy will get a vest or a devil cap and scarf. I absolutely cannot decide wich alternative to go with. All I know is that I have the yarn ready and waiting. Three balls of Drops Merino Extra Fine in a gorgeous sky blue. Decisions, decisions...


mooncalf said...

Those little denim trousers have turned out beautifully!

Some friends of mine announced last weekend they're expecting a baby so I'm on the hunt for baby knits. There are so many hilarious baby hats one can inflict on them!

Bonnie said...

What a darling little hat! The blue pants are just perfect, too.

Siena said...

What a beautiful gift, lucky boy and parents!

Bezzie said...

So cute!!! Hooray for little boys! I'm a little biased ;-)!

My security word is: Mated---so fitting!!

Batty said...

So cute! And that hat... I love the eyes.

mari said...

lovely! the expression on the hat-face is so cute!
it´s å bit like "o-oh, i have another person´s head inside of me".