May 29, 2009

Something blue

I've been rummageing through the stash a lot lately. And also flicking through my "Luxury one skein wonders" numerous times. Conclusion is I have a lot of yarn, and also that this book has a lot of potential.

I've had two balls of baby blue Baby Silk from Du store alpakka buried under a lot of other stuff for ages. I finally found a very nice pattern for it. And it's crochet, wich I want to do more of. My hands were hurting a little bit after speeding through 3.5 balls of cotton on 2.5 mm needles (super secret project for now), and a pair of very heavy pot holders in very stiff yarn lately and I was definately in the mood for something very soft and non knitting.

Enter super simple, fast and nice scarf pattern...

Crochet squares for a scarf

I made three squares yesterday. The first one was a real brain churner, the second just fiddly enough to make interested and the third one was a breeze. Now I just have 7 more squares to go, if I don't decide to make it larger than the pattern states. I think it will be just lovely for summer nights or breezy days (I have a sensitive neck.) Also, I think this pattern will be great for last minute gifts. And that's always a good thing!

I'm really happy about how the pot holders turned out in the end too. They match the tiles in my kitchen and are very thick and squisy and last but not least big enough to cover a hand properly.

crochet potholders

Tonight I'll be knitting and going to the movies with Theresa, and tomorrow morning I head up to the mountains with my sister in law. She'll be working out on her bicycle, I'll be working my hook and needles. I'm bringing the baby silk and also the very promising start of a Pioneer in some very nice blue Falk yarn. And sunblock :)


Bezzie said...

I love the start of that scarf!!

Ugla said...

Hekleskjerfet ser ut til å bli helt lekkert. Tror jeg må sjekke ut den boka di :-)
Ha en strålende pinse.

Batty said...

It's going to be a very pretty scarf, but I hear you on the crochet/hand hurting issue. Cotton hurts my hands, crochet hurts my hands, put them both together... ouch! But it sure is pretty.

Theresa said...

We must do that again soon!!!