January 27, 2007

Frozen socks

From the wool/alpaca/poly. yarn pictured two post ago I've very quickly made these socks. The quality of the yarn makes the socks look like they are frozen.

January Socks

January socks

The pattern is Cable Twist Socks from HipKnits, I used 3mm bamboo needles.

I've also balled the yarn I dyed the other day. So I can safely say I'm "armed" for February Socktopia.


I have a lace stitch pattern in mind and will make my own sock pattern out of this I think.

January 25, 2007

Did I need more sock yarn? Probably...


After knitting for a few hours yesterday my fingers were getting tired. I was home alone and thought I'd do messy things in the kithchen without hubby getting all flustered. He's the kind of guy who likes his kitchen tidy and with no yarn. (What kind of guy? Home-ec teacher kind of guy...)

So I thought I'd amuse myself with dyeing some yarn. I whipped my once 2.5 kilo cone of white superwash out of the stash and quickly wound 125 (?) grams onto my swift, tied it off and put it in luke warm water for an hour. Then I mixed Kool-aid and luke warm water in a pot and put the yarn in, gave it a little prod and then noticed the water was clear already. I've never had this happen before. The yarn sucked up the kool-aid before it was even on the stove.

I guess it's thirsty yarn... It's lovely too. I hope it goes with february socktopia in some way.

I'm nearly done with a lovely pair of alpaca/wool-poly socks (see post below). More on that this weekend.

January 20, 2007

Take a pick

reluctantMANGO, this post is for you.

Pick your sock yarn!

Sock yarn 1Sock yarn 2
Sock yarn 3Sock yarn 4

I have ideas for patterns for all of them. You might get hints about those later...

(click pictures to go to flickr and learn more about the yarn)

January 16, 2007

Celebrate good times!! C'mon!

What's the girliest party colour? Pink!
What makes a girl happy? Warm feet and soft fuzzy socks!

That's a celebration for you right there!

My January Socktopia-socks are done.

These are made specially for one of my girlie girlfriends, Marianne! She requested a pair of nice, tall, bulky socks! And what my Mary wants, my Mary gets ;)

They are being gifted tomorrow. I really hope she likes them.

January Socks

I used a pattern from Garnstudio, with Eskimo yarn and size 7 mm bamboo DPNs.

I used just short of 200 grams of yarn in total. Two balls of solid colour for the leg and two balls of variegated for the foot. They are a bit longer that the pattern says. And I skipped the clochet edgeing. I don't crocet!

January Socks

This picture has the most accurate pink colour, and a 3mm dpn thrown in for scale.

I want a pair too...

January 14, 2007

Sleeveless jumper? Sweater vest? For a baby anyway

Just finished this little thing for some friends who are having a baby any day now.


I have not put buttons on yet, as I thought I'd do pink for a girl or blue for a boy on that small detail.

The pattern is from Garnstudio.
I've used superwash wool from the stash instead of the called for Angora Tweed (I don't much like knitting with that anyway, the angora goes up my nose). I also converted the pattern to be knit in the round, to avoid purling and seaming, and used kitchener stitch for the assembled shoulder instead of sewing up bound off stitches. I used fake seams down the sides just to see if I liked doing that and how it looks.

I'm pleased with it!

I've also finished the back of a baby jacket in size 3-6 months the past week, and just started the two fronts at once. I'm using Silke Tweed in off-white for this one, to make it a little less warm. It's for a baby due in June, so it will hopefully be just right for autumn.

I've been assinged my Knittyboard Sock Swap pal; reluctantMANGO. I really enjoy her blog, have done for some time, so it will be nice getting in contact with her.

And I'm still pondering on wether I should try to complete two pairs of socks for Socktopia this month, or just the one pair that 50% done.

January 09, 2007

Square peg

I only have one knit hat, and it's not even knit by me. So while knitting Red light special for my brother I kept thinking I should knit one for myself too. But I'm somewhat picky (understatement). I did not want four colours, I did not want a that as big or as pointy as RLS. And last but not least I was strangely drawn to Center Square, but I did not want to knit a hat as bulky as that for myself. The thing is; I really don't like wearing hats all that much. Bulky hats, not at all. And I don't quite know how it happened, but suddenly it struck me: "The number of stitches to cast on for RLS is devideable by the number of stitches in SCs pattern repeat" Hey presto - I'm off buying yarn...
I ended up with Petter (also the name of my hubby) from a norwegian yarn producer called Per Tryving. For the lining I used a 50/50 cotton acrylic called Budget b103. By Marks&Kattens. It sounds cheap, was cheap, and is very soft!

I even got the knittyboarders to help me out with the name. Tesoro came up whit the best one I think!

After a few nights of knitting the hat was done:

Square peg


Fair Isle stormtrooper

And sure enough; it's too big for me...

Hubby really wants it, but it's actually a bit long for his liking.

You've all seen it's too big for my four year old kid. And it's not pink, so she didn't want to have it on for more than one minute.

My mom wants a hat, and her head is bigger than mine. She does not mind if hats are a bit long, she loves the shade of blue I used and if it does not fit her, she can give it to my dad.

While finishing weaving in the ends of this one I came up for a new idea for a hat for me. And I just have to say this: Caaaaaaaaaaaashmeeeeeeeeeeeeere and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllk.