January 14, 2007

Sleeveless jumper? Sweater vest? For a baby anyway

Just finished this little thing for some friends who are having a baby any day now.


I have not put buttons on yet, as I thought I'd do pink for a girl or blue for a boy on that small detail.

The pattern is from Garnstudio.
I've used superwash wool from the stash instead of the called for Angora Tweed (I don't much like knitting with that anyway, the angora goes up my nose). I also converted the pattern to be knit in the round, to avoid purling and seaming, and used kitchener stitch for the assembled shoulder instead of sewing up bound off stitches. I used fake seams down the sides just to see if I liked doing that and how it looks.

I'm pleased with it!

I've also finished the back of a baby jacket in size 3-6 months the past week, and just started the two fronts at once. I'm using Silke Tweed in off-white for this one, to make it a little less warm. It's for a baby due in June, so it will hopefully be just right for autumn.

I've been assinged my Knittyboard Sock Swap pal; reluctantMANGO. I really enjoy her blog, have done for some time, so it will be nice getting in contact with her.

And I'm still pondering on wether I should try to complete two pairs of socks for Socktopia this month, or just the one pair that 50% done.


Elizabeth said...

Whether you call it a sleeveless jumper or a vest, it's adorable! I'm sure the parents will be thrilled.

Zonda said...

Really nice work there! So cute! Good luck with your socks!!

kemtee said...

Oh wow… how absolutely sweet! So tiny… I don't remember when my DD was that tiny….

Good work on all the techniques. I stand in awe of your knitty-knowledge!

reluctantMANGO said...

Very cute! I love knitting baby items - quick to finish, and so adorable when done! Quite a few of my friends and family are expecting right now, so thanks for the link :)

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better too!!! I've selected the pattern for your socks, and I'm hunting down the perfect yarn... exciting, no?