January 09, 2007

Square peg

I only have one knit hat, and it's not even knit by me. So while knitting Red light special for my brother I kept thinking I should knit one for myself too. But I'm somewhat picky (understatement). I did not want four colours, I did not want a that as big or as pointy as RLS. And last but not least I was strangely drawn to Center Square, but I did not want to knit a hat as bulky as that for myself. The thing is; I really don't like wearing hats all that much. Bulky hats, not at all. And I don't quite know how it happened, but suddenly it struck me: "The number of stitches to cast on for RLS is devideable by the number of stitches in SCs pattern repeat" Hey presto - I'm off buying yarn...
I ended up with Petter (also the name of my hubby) from a norwegian yarn producer called Per Tryving. For the lining I used a 50/50 cotton acrylic called Budget b103. By Marks&Kattens. It sounds cheap, was cheap, and is very soft!

I even got the knittyboarders to help me out with the name. Tesoro came up whit the best one I think!

After a few nights of knitting the hat was done:

Square peg


Fair Isle stormtrooper

And sure enough; it's too big for me...

Hubby really wants it, but it's actually a bit long for his liking.

You've all seen it's too big for my four year old kid. And it's not pink, so she didn't want to have it on for more than one minute.

My mom wants a hat, and her head is bigger than mine. She does not mind if hats are a bit long, she loves the shade of blue I used and if it does not fit her, she can give it to my dad.

While finishing weaving in the ends of this one I came up for a new idea for a hat for me. And I just have to say this: Caaaaaaaaaaaashmeeeeeeeeeeeeere and siiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllk.


Faerynuff said...

Gorgeous, your knitting is always beautiful. It really suits DH.

MMM, cashmere and silk! Have you been to www.poshyarns.com?

Elizabeth said...

Hats can be like that. Sometimes the real trick is figuring out who it belongs on after it's all done. Which is sometimes not the originally intended recipient.

You'll get your perfect hat. You just haven't found it yet!