May 25, 2009


I knit M a pair of legwarmers. Her first pair was getting old and worn and a little bit too short. She requested a "no snag" pair, because the old ones snagged on anything and everything and threads got pulled out. Not nice.

Sometime around easter I started these, frogged the first one half way and started over. I have skinny legs, M has skinnier legs, but aparently not that skinny. After casting on for the second time, with a lot more stitches and more purl stitches it was all smooth sailing.

Though these are originally for M, we have agreed that I get to borrow them, because they go so well with my new wellies. See...

Zebra legwarmers and wellies

And it's a good thing they go with my wellies, because I don't do much of this

Zebra legwarmers doing ballet

any more. I probably should, but I kinda sucked at it. I'm much better at gardening.


Bezzie said...

Those are very cool! And look great with your Juneau Tennies. (Wellies? Not where I'm from! ;-)

meg said...

Åh!Zebra garnet er så kult!Strikket ett par sokker til bestisen med det garnet-og hun "bor" i dem!Skulle hatt mer veitdu!!Zebrar asså, ikke garn el venner ;O)Hilsen Teraks