April 13, 2009

Whoops - there's another deadline...

Time just flies sometimes. And now my cousin has started her maternity leave, the baby is due in about 2 weeks. And I have not started to knit anything for the the little fellow soon to arrive.

One of my favourite things I've knit for a little spring baby boy is denim drawstring pants. They are so fast to knit, the result is great and they're awsome looking on a little baby.

drawstring close-up

I've dug up a few balls of Rowan Denim from the stash. Maybe they'll get done in a week, then I have another week to knit a cutesy little vest to go with it? Ponder, ponder...

The easter projects have gone so so. One legging has grown considerably, the shawl has not been touched, and I've almost finished one sock - knee high :)
It's good to be home again!

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Bezzie said...

It's starting to look green there!

Cute pants!!