February 07, 2010

New hats for the whole family

Sunflower tam
Mine, Sunflower Tam from Knitting Nature
(Ravelry link)

New beanie for P
His, simple ribbed beanie in black sock yarn, no pattern
(Ravelry link)

Guess who made a hat
M's. Crochet wool hat, no pattern
Soooooo, proud of this. She made it herself :)
(Ravelry link)

Not spending enough time in here these days. Soon; sweaters!


Bonnie said...

Great hats! For every head, there's the perfect hat. Stay warm!

Moan said...

Nice hats!
Liked the 'His' hat; baby cable without being too feminine.

Batty said...

Nice hats! And... M made that hat? Herself? Wow, it's awesome!