December 31, 2009

Obligatory post: the finished objects of 2009

2009 - The knits
2009 - The crochet

All in all a good year I think. Starting to get a hang of the larger projects, and crocet.

Now we'll see what 2010 brings... I know I have a buttload of works in progress to finish. And they're all pretty nice. And of course there are plans. Plenty of them! Like cardigans and the colour red and more lace and crochet.
I also just knit one pair of socks in 2009, yet "Knitting vintage socks" lives on my bedside table, and I have plenty of sock yarn.

Happy bright and shiny new 2010 to all!


Bonnie said...

Your lovely work is a constant source of inspiration. May you have a happy, prosperous, creative 2010!

Bezzie said...

Nice montage! Look at all that crochet!!!

Batty said...

Happy new year to you! We can trade -- you knit more socks, I knit fewer -- or at least more non-sock objects.

Jeanne said...

A knitting year to be proud of! Godt nytt år i 2010!

fish-fish said...

Så fantastisk mye flott! Veldig gøy å se ravelry-prosjektene dine og. Liker tingene dine. Du har en elegant snert.