June 08, 2007

Early summer waiting

I'm enjoying these...

Tiny red flowersGressl√łkThymeWhite flower

And waiting for these...

RaspberryPlumsRed currantsBlack currantsGooseberryWild strawberriesWild cherriesGarden/american blueberriesPeony budStrawberriesTiny grapes
(Was that enough green for you?)

To shorten the waiting time, we're enjoying ourselves on the porch in the evenings. Doing what we like the most.
ReadingSeed stitch
(That's the Green Tea Raglan from Spring IK)

The pictures in this post were all taken between 9.30 and 10 in the evening. I love long, warm summer evenings.

To avoid a green overdose, and also it's been much too hot to be working with wool, Trellis will not be shown here until the sleves are sewn in and ends woven!


Elizabeth said...

I must come to Norway. What lovely things will be coming as the summer moves along!

Great photos. You certainly have lots of yummy stuff growing in your garden.

Our peonies are well under way already.

But it's dark long before 9:30 at night.

Bezzie said...

:-( We considered moving to Norway. It's like the European Cousin of Alaska.

I hate the dark summer nights.

Batty said...

Beautiful flowers!

reluctantMANGO said...

What a great list of things to look forward to! Summer fruits and veggies are some of my favorite things :) Can't wait to see Trellis!