June 30, 2007

Dinosaur baby socks

June has flewn by, and a few days ago I found myself without any socks to submit to Socktopia this month. Couldn't have any of that could I? Besides I knew of a little guy who is going to need some socks when winter gets here. So I took a stab at the Ruffle rib socks from Interweave/KnittingDaily.com. They practically flew off the needles (at least after I had finished the decreasing portion from 88 to 44 stitches). I'm very happy with these socks. I think they look extremely cool and it's the first time I've managed to knit a short row heel (and toe) according to the pattern and not rip back and do it in my own unvented way.

So there, a pair of socks in June too:

dinosaur socks

ruffle fancy bind off

Opal Rainforest yarn, Cameleon
2,5 mm dpns


Bezzie said...

Those are very dinosaury!

And what a great idea--practice the short row heel on baby socks. I've been afraid to touch it because I didn't want to mess up (I hate ripping socks) a pair of adult socks!

reluctantMANGO said...

Very nice! I'm a big fan of the short-row heel, but wasn't smart enough to try my first on a baby sock... ripped that sucker out three times before I got it just right! Yours looks beautiful!

Batty said...

Very nice socks!