June 13, 2007

Trellis the tourist

Trellis was supposed to go visit his new owner at the hospital today, and then go home wiht them. But that was canselled, and Trellis was a bit sad. To cheer him up I decided Trellis should do some touristy things in Oslo. Because tourists are always happy!(?)

We went to Akershus fortress
big gun

Trellis thought it was such a nice place to show off his great green-ness

and pretty buttons

He hung out with Norways national monument

Hugged the big guns
on a gun

admiered the view of the Oslo fjord
on a big gun

and Oslo harbour
looking at harbour
oslo harbour
(the cranes are a nice touch, huh?)

Trellis was very small compared to Franklin

In the end we went home and had norwegian pancakes for dinner, on the porch.

Trellis is 127 grams of 100% superwash wool from danish yarn manufacturer HP Løve. He is a bit short on seed stitch in places, but please don't tell him that, he does not know it himself yet. He is going to be just the right size for his new owner to wear sometime around Christmas.

(Some of the pictures in this post has notes, clicking takes you to flickr to see them)


reluctantMANGO said...

So nice of you to distract Trellis from the fact he was not going home with his new owner :) Looks like a fun-filled day!

Elizabeth said...

It seems like Trellis had a great day out, even though he didn't make it to meet his new owner. And what a great looking sweater he is, too!

Thea said...

trellis is a beautiful sweater - and he must be tired after such a long day. Fun to see the pics of Oslo too - thansk for sharing.

Bezzie said...

Gorgeous--both sweater and scenery!

And I just love saying the word fjord!

Lime Street Knits said...

The Trellis and Roosevelt picture is priceless! You did a wonderful job with both the sweater and the pictures. :)

Hege said...

Nydelig jakke!
Ha en fin lørdag :)

Laura said...

Trellis has more fun than I do. Maybe I should visit you and pretend to be a sweater.

Kirsten said...

I took a sock to Akershus Fortress once. It must be a good place for the knitting.
Oslo is a beautiful city! (Despite the cranes!)
Your trellis is beautiful and will make a lovely gift.

mikomiao said...

guro, what a trip Trellis took! hee hee. i've been to those places too!

Jacque said...

So lovely and green! Great job!