August 18, 2008

Big M


She's a schoolgirl now!

When we visited Rauma Yarns factory outlet this summer I told her I'd knit her a new hat to wear to school this winter. I also told her she could pick her own yarn for it right there and then. We were standing right by all the alpaca yarn, I felt safe.

She picked this:


Lanartus Beo! 100% polyamide...

A bit of quick thinking (gently guiding her towards the gray, away from the screaming red) and picking up some additional yarns...


It'll be a hat, possibly with a scarf attatched to it, and with ears. Bunny or dog, not yet decided.

While I put off starting the hat I'm trying to work as much as possible on this

Blue sweater in progress

A top down raglan with small cables on the sleeves and down the front, using the ecological cotton I found on sale earlier this summer. Looks promising, though I find the knitting a bit slow already. I thought I'd be zooooming along, since I'm using larger needles than I normally do. Forgetting that 3.5 mm really is not all that big, and adults are larger than babies. Oh well! At least it will keep me away from the fun fur until M starts asking where her hat is.


Karen said...

Yay! School!

M is a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how kids pick their own stuff when given choices! She looks happy going to school!

Batty said...

Yay, she's a school girl now!

And that yarn... she's a kid. I can't say I'm surprised she picked that. You were lucky it wasn't also pink and glittery.

Ingrid said...

Takk for meldinger i bloggen min, og takk for sist. Det var hyggelig på søndag. Gratulerer med skolejenta, forresten!