January 18, 2009

Feet. Nordic Feet.

To ensure at least one future blog post, and this one I just joined the Nordic Feet group on Flickr. One picture of your feet, every day for a week. I won't bore you with feet every day. But be warned, next Sunday will be full of feet...

Warming up

Literally; the warm up picture. That's my small but very handy heater on full blast. I turn it on and point it at my feet when I'm on the computer at home. Without it my feet would be cold. And once my feet are cold I'm cold all over. I bet you know the feeling.

My feet are very much looking forward to a seminar at a hotel, wine tasting and S'n'B among other things the coming week.

See you next weekend at the latest. For todays knitting content, go to HoWR.

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