January 12, 2009

Not really feeling the knitting

That's not absolutely true, but to some extent. I don't enjoy knitting as much these days as I used to. Maybe it's bad project and material choices, maybe it's just my mind and the time of year, or just plain stress. Some days I just can't be bothered with the stitches. So progress on a lot of things is slow. Not much to show really.

What I really want to do is spin, but I kind of made a pledge to myself that I would not spin something new before I've spun up the rest of the the gray wool that I've been spinning on an off since I got my wheel. That bag of gray was huge... And there's still so much left! I just don't think I can be bothered to finish right now. After all I have something nice, super soft and fluffy and after all colourful to dig into if I throw all my promises to myself on the boat.


How can I resist this?

(I have been knitting, for myself even. My next post will contain a picure where I will most likely look like I crammed a cross between a shower cap and a hen onto my head. Look forward to it.)


Bezzie said...

A little color never hurt! Your spinning is like the weather--there's no such thing as 365 days of gray!

Theresa said...

Yeah, that bag of gray wool MUST be getting you down - spin this instead!!!

Batty said...

Yes, spin this! How are you supposed to get the joy of wool back if spinning and knitting both turn into a chore?