January 31, 2009

Baby, baby, baby

The title sums up this post to a tee.

Baby mittens

Mittens for "i"

Baby cardigan

BSJ for a tiny baby girl

Baby blanket in progress

Spring coloured baby blanket

The mittens have been done for quite some time, so has the BSJ. But I kind of lost my felting needle, and you all know how long it can take to find the perfect buttons and actually sew them on... So this is not me being unfaithful to the project "cocoon cloud" that I swore I'd be monogamous to in my last entry!

The blanket however, now there's where I'm cheating on my "cocoon cloud"! Then again I figured I'm allowed to have one "knitting relationship" and one "crochet relationship". Especially now that the knitting has proved to be a pain in the butt. The sleeves are giving me a lot of trouble. To get everything to match up and the picking up under the arms to look nice I have to pick up too many stitches, and the sleeves end up too wide, and the math does not add up after all... AND CROCHET IS JUST SOOOO FAST AND EASY AND RELAXING FOR THE MIND. I'm allowing myself to have a crochet affair, OK?


Bezzie said...

Don't tell my Latvian Winter mittens--but I too am having a crochet affair behind their thumbs (since they don't have backs). I agree!

CUTE mittens I love the detail work!

Bonnie said...

What a darling BSJ!!!

Go ahead - have that crochet affair. I am! I started a simple crochet scarf in mohair the other day--it's the same row over and over. It's a nice break from the knitting projects that require following charts, keeping track of shaping, etc.

Batty said...

Those are so cute! The little mittens in particular are completely irresistible.

For some reason, crochet does not come easily to me. It's a lot of work just making sure I don't mess up. Sounds like you took to it quite naturally.

Pikku- Kettu said...

Crochet away!

I love those little mittens!

turvid said...

Kjempefine votter! :)