January 23, 2009

Finally friday knitting

I picked up an old wip a few days ago. There has been some swearing, ripping and careful tinking. I'm finally on the right track again now, and am making good progress.

Ah, Friday knitting...

A while ago I started to knit a fairly midified Cloud Bolero out of Rowan Cocoon. I did not make any notes of the changes I made. Using thick needles and awsome yarn I was absolutely sure I was going to be done in no time at all and I was being quite faithful to this project only. But you know how this goes... I got absolutely sidetracked and packed this little baby away. It ended up at the bottom of my very messy wip-basket and I forgot all about it until two days ago. Then I could not remember what the modifications were, and I could not find my print-out of the pattern. There was a lot of rummageing through various baskets and bags until I'm now on the right track again. 50 grams of Cocoon left to knit for the body, and 100 grams for (oh hey, modification!) sleeves. I do have some non-knitting related plans for the weekend. But I swear I will be faithful to this little baby until it's finished now.

Happy, knitterly weekend!


Kaye said...

Seems to be a good time of year for WIP rediscovery. Can't wait to see your FO on this one. I haven't seen a cloud bolero in a while.

Batty said...

Good for you! It feels good to pick up old WIPs/UFOs and finish them. And t hat looks like a really interesting stitch pattern too.