December 31, 2008

I think I did ok... Bye 2008

A quick summary on 2008 in pictures of finished objects

Finished objects 2008

30 finished knitted and crocheted objects of various shapes, colours and sizes. My first adult sweater, and proof that I now know the right and wrong end of a crochet needle. A self published pattern and some stuff I made up myself. I don't think that's half bad.

Hoping 2009 will prove just as good a knitting year as 2008, for everybody.

I've got a basket full of unfinished objects, and babies are going to be popping out among family and friends next year too (I know this for a fact!) I know my first finished object of 2009 will be gray, buttoned and wooly. I cast on yesterday and already have a pocket and sleeve done.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. Happy new year!

Bezzie said...

Nice montage! Yeah, you can never go wrong with keeping an arsenal of baby knits around.

Strikkelise said...

A good knitting year, I see! Happy 2009!

Guro said...

Not a bad turnout.
Hope you have a good and creative new year with lots of knitting time. :)

Glastrikk said...

OI oi så mye fint. Utrolig morsomt å se alt samlet. Godt nytt år!

turvid said...

Riktig godt nytt år! :)

Batty said...

You did great. Happy New Year!

Spinning Beauty said... did so many projects! They are all lovely!