April 28, 2008

A birthday present

We're driving up to the west coast for the upcoming week end. Home. To celebrate my aunts 50th birthday. It's going to be a huge family celebration, just how we like them.

I've made my aunt a Flower Basket Shawl. I'm pretty sure she'll love it. I sure like it a lot!

Flower basket shawl

Flower basket shawl

If I'm going to worry about something, it's the size of it. My aunt is a bit more broad shouldered than I am. I usually worry about things like this for no reason. I suppose most knitters do. Also, if it's on the small side she can keep it together with the pretty shawl pin she is getting along with the shawl.

I don't get to do proper omg-this-is-a-miracle blocking often. I don't knit enough lace for that. I have however come up with my own tecnique where other (lucky bastards) would use blocking wires;
KITCHEN STRING and the rigt kind of bed...

DIY blocking wire

DIY blocking wire

Flower basket shawl


reluctantMANGO said...

Lucky lady, your Aunt! The shawl looks amazing :)

Bezzie said...

It's beautiful! And even if your Aunt was a linebacker with broad shoulders it will look great on her!

turvid said...


Thalia said...

It's really stunning! The lace is so well-blocked out it's very light and airy, and the color is gorgeous.

Have a great time!

Batty said...

It's gorgeous, I bet she'll find a way to wear it no matter what.

LivM said...

Sjalet ble nydelig og jeg er sikker på at mottageren ble fornøyd. Hvilket garn og pinner brukte du?

LivM said...

Jeg fant opplysningene på Ravelry!