November 14, 2009

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing thread?"

...said M a few days ago.

"Mom, why are you knitting with sewing tread?"

This work in progress has great drape and feel. And I love the colour. But it's knitting up ever so slowly. I love working on it though.
It's nothing but plain old garter stitch now. 150 stitches a row on 3mm needles. But there is a plan for some spruceing up with a crisp white crochet border and some lovely blue seed beads. I have never tried adding beads to crochet. I hope I can make it work. And if I can make it work without pre-stringing the beads I'll be very, very happy. There's still a fair bit of knitting to do first though.

Most of my time these days are spent with a paint brush in hand. I hope I'm all done before mom and dad come to visit next weekend. Before that, I hope to finish the border on a shawl for mom too. If I do, mom will bring me back my purple Shetland triangle shawl. She kidnapped it last time she was here, telling me I would get it back when I finished the shawl for her. So far, it looks like it worked...

And because it's Saturday, and really dark and wet outside, I baked.

Aniseed buns

Aniseed buns. I've had a craving for these for about a week now. They're cooling down at the moment, I've only had one to taste, but we'll dig into them for real as soon as P and M comes back from a few hours of swimming. Yum!


Bonnie said...

The buns look tasty - perfect for a rainy day. Looks like you are an excellent a baker as well as an excellent knitter!

Batty said...

Yum, buns! We just got back from a grocery run and a walk to the bakery... yum, croissants, yum! But your buns look positively perfect. Bakery quality. I can tell they're good just by looking at them.

I also love the color of your "sewing thread" knit... that's one of the better descriptions of crochet cotton and laceweight yarn.

Bezzie said...

Mmmmm...craving baking is the best!!