July 23, 2008

New and new old woolies

A great swap package

I got all these lovely things from Virtualknitter in a Nordic Knitters swap on Ravelry. So much fun in this (not so) little package. KnitPicks (my first!) Alpaca Cloud and Sock Blanks for dyeing self striping sock yarn. Red and blue border leister locks for spinning, there is lots more, a big zip-lock bag of the blue and a smaller one of the red. And yummy Washington candies and tea. I love it all!

Then I got this bag of yarn from my aunt. She recently re-decorated her bedroom and found some yarn stashed away at the very back of her closet. Petter brought me the bag and said "Here's some yarn from that place you love", not meaning the back of my aunts closet, but rather Rauma Ullvarefabrikk*. I guess that 2.5 hours he had to hang out with me at their factory outlet two summers ago left an impression of some kind.
(* If you click the link be sure to take a look at the new Rauma patterns for adults and babies (top pictures), looks like they used their mill as location when they took the pattern photos. The patterns don't tickle me much, but the backdrop does.)


The bag also contained 4 and one partial skein of some blue mystery yarn. I have no idea what this is. I'm guessing a wool blend. Sniffing it did not tell me anything useful.

Old yarn, smells dusty Mystery yarn

At the bottom of the bag I found this:

Old cardigan

Looks good at first glance, but on closer inspection...

Very worn

Ouch! Unfixable.

Very, very worn.

I'm not expected to fix this. My aunt just thought I would find it interesting to have a look at it, and I do. It's a traditional norwegian cardigan construction. Stranded and steeked. I'm guessing my grandma or my great grandma knit it about 40-50
years ago.

The colours are not exactly my cup of tea, but I find the pattern very nice. Simple and classic, and I do like that.

Nice pattern


Bezzie said...

A knitting heirloom!

Guro said...

Så heldig du har vært! :)
Morsomt med håndarbeidsarvegods, håndverk går åpenbart i arv.

Lisa T from Quakertown said...

I wonder if you could make a vest out of it?

GURO said...

Lisa: that is a good idea. I'll look into it. It's a kids cardigan, so a vest would probably fit my daughter.

Pinneguri said...

Ja, enige med de andre, det var en vakker genser (en gang i tida), og at den kan fungere som inspirasjon. Jeg likte fargene veldig godt, jeg, veldig 1930, funksjonalistiske farger :) Men ser også at mønsteret kan brukes for andre fargekombinasjoner, rosa-lilla-grått?
Så heldig du er som arvet garnet! Har du sett den tråden på Ravelry som handler om hvem man skal testamentere stashet sitt til ;p
Og så flott pakke ... heldig deg!