July 13, 2008

Well finally! You may congratulate me.

My first adult size, not cropped, with sleeves, even-swatched-for-this sweater is done! It only took a year and a bit.

Actually, it took a lot less than a year to knit this, but I thought I wanted the belt the original pattern has. Turns out after knitting a belt twice that I did not care for it after all. It also took a long time for me to start the belt, 6 months or so and the actual belt knitting took 2-3 months! Go figure.

White tea raglan

I think the overall outcome is rather good. The sweater is a bit heavy and stiff, but wiht a bit of fabric softener and a bit of wear it will go from that and onto a good drape instead.
It's simple and classic, a style I like. And though the seed stitch was really boring to knit I love the way it looks.

White tea raglan

Sure, I completely deviated from the original pattern (from IK spring 2007) and went top down and in the round instead of knit flat and bottom up. Anything to get out of seaming when there is no real need for it. It's worked out great. I had a bit of trouble getting the increases and decreases for the waist looking good so I added "fake seams" of 2 stitches stockinette down each side and knit the inc's and dec's into those.

I've been playing with my new camera to get these shots. It's still a bit of a stranger to me but after about 70 pictures, 3 turned out ok. It's not just the fact that I've not bonded with my lime green toy though, white is hard to photograph in bright sunlight. I managed to find a solution that worked in the far end of the garden, with the gorillapod as my assistant and Marie's playhouse as a nice backdrop.

White tea raglan

Then I went inside to edit the pictures.

White tea raglan

I have a gazillion things on the needles right now. Much more than my ravelry projects lets you know! A lot of it is nearly done and I hope to be able to show off some of them really soon.


siem said...

I like your sweater it turned out fine!

Susann said...

You sure have fun with that new camera, don't you?

Bonnie said...

Such a nice fit, and a design that will never go out of style - simple and elegant!

Congrats on the new camera. Looks like it is just right for photographing knitting!

turvid said...

Kjempefin genser - skikkelig sommer. :)

Bezzie said...

Beautiful! I love the white!

Elizabeth said...

You look like a model there in front of the playhouse door. Great work!