July 20, 2008

My summer companion

Sometimes, while browsing through knitblogs or Ravelry, it seems like every second (or more) knitter has at least one cat.
I never had pets growing up, something I missed a lot at times. Allergies can be serious, and getting a furry critter was not something my parents were going to give in on.

That is why I really appreciate contact with animals when I have the chance. Like Billy, my summer companion. Billy came with the house. He used to live here before we bought it. He belongs to our neighbours, but our garden is part of his domain and we see him around a lot. Every summer he comes and spends most nights in a chair on our porch. He's there for a cuddle before I go to bed and greets me with a meow in the morning.

Billy's old. Not very fond of kids, and usually goes away if there's more than two people around. Now that I've been home alone for a couple of weeks I've been seeing a lot of Billy. He even let me snap some pictures of him, though he was not as comfortable with the camera as other cats I've seen.

My summer companion
My summer companion
My summer companion

I made a decision about one of the works in progress I've been working on for a really long time (2006).

Now you see it!

Not holey enough

Now you don't!

Frogged lace

Good thing to get off my mind. I'll re-start with larger needles as soon as I get some other things out of the way.
And get a bit further on this:


Swatching is done. I've washed and tumble dried and cast on. Hope this turns out as good as it is in my head.


reluctantMANGO said...

I'm without a cat for the first time in my life, and I miss it! DH is not a cat fan, so it's not likely I'll have another... how nice that you have a part-time furry friend!

elite said...

For en flott nabokatt. Liker gråpuser jeg..

Rekket opp! Var det noe jeg sa...?
Jeg er enig i beslutningen.

GURO said...

Elite; ikke noe du sa, men takk for tips og innspill. Fikk meg til å bli sikrere i min sak.

Og ja, Billy er en riktig staselig gammel herremann. Gråpuser er lekre.