July 17, 2008

I crocheted

OK, so it was not much, but I did crochet!

So let me present to you the very first crochet on this blog; the edge of this shawl


The edge looks a bit strange, but that is due to an urge to get this blocked and ready fast. I did not have enough blocking pins for all of the loops and only did every second loop. I'll re-block later, but I absolutely don't mind this look so I'll wait a while.

The pattern for this shawl is Diamonds and Pearls from The knitters book of yarn. I was a bit sceptical when I first started this, the pattern is not charted and also is written for a drapey (heavy) silk blend yarn. What I had was a very nice but rough and rustic Finnish wool yarn called SeVILLA. After 20 rows or pattern I was absolutely sure this was going to be beautiful and knit happily on. This wool was a delight to work with. A diamond in the rough so to speak. At first glance it might not look like much in the skein, but on closer inspection it has that great handspun quality and great "I come from a live animal" thing going for it. The wool is mostly a pale brownish gray, but with the odd flecks of chocolate brown in there, and some longer black hairs.

No big changes to the (great) pattern. I knit an extra repeat of the diamonds lace part, and stopped before recommended 18 rows of holes at the bottom (I have 15). I did not knit the bind off as written either, instead I bound off purlwise on a large needle, and then... Well you already know about the crochet. 6 crochet loops for every 3rd edge stitch. I cast on for this shawl on Friday evening and finished Tuesday at S'n'B. Very fast, but that's usually how it goes when you find yourself with a great pattern and yarn. I just could not put this down at times.

The blocking went fairly well, though I was in a hurry to get it done. I desperately wanted to see the finished result and also I did it late at night. When I came home from work on Wednesday I was so happy to see that it was more beautiful than I imagined. Also, it smells really, really good.

It smells so good

Ann was inspired by that photo to both write a blogpost and start a group on Flickr.

Ann; here's a picture for you

I treated myself to some new yarn today. Eco cotton.

I smell all yarns at the LYS before I buy. I also have a sniff at my own favourite yarns repeatedly. It's as natural to me as looking at the ballband. I prefer wool, but other natural fibers are good too. Lighter coloured yarns smell better than the really rich, dark colours. I think it's the dyes.
This cotton is one of the better ones I've sniffed, No strong chemical dyes (eco y'know), it has a faint smell of dry grass.

It was on a sale, 50% off. How could I not clear them all out of this colour?

Marks&Kattens ECObomull

11 balls. Now excuse me, I'm off to cast on for a blue cotton sweater.
I hope you take time to sniff your own yarns, and maybe snap a photo to share with Ann.

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Bezzie said...

I'll admit I was huffing some handspun in the stash last night ;-)

I'm the same way with crochet now--I can't do much, but I can do it!

Beautiful shawl!