July 28, 2008

Blue like summer

Going to work
On my way to work on Sunday morning. Such a beautiful day, sometimes I have the best way of getting to work there is.


I went home and finished Nottingham (ravelry link). I think the hat looks like the water. Do you see it too?

Nottingham, close up

The cables look good but not great in the variegated yarn. I knew that this yarn wouldn't look do the cables justice, but it's great for the recipient and the intended use I have in mind.

I've already cast on for a second one. Slightly larger, I'm having to play with the pattern and needles a bit. I'm thinking the cables will look a little bit better on one size smaller needles, the ribbing sure does.
Two balls of Bunny Hop out of the stash when I'm done :)


Bezzie said...

It's gorgeous!! That pattern fits the yarn perfectly. Very water-y!

Pinneguri said...

Nesoddbåten er noe for seg sjøl - året rundt!
Du har falt for den du også, ja, Nottingham.