July 12, 2008

So quiet

Kitchen window

I'm home alone. I have been for a week and will be for at least another week. The house is so quiet. Also, I have been without both camera and internet at home. Both are now fixed. The internet connection was suddenly just back, I have no idea how, and on Thursday I weant out and got myseld a brand new camera (lime green, yay) and case and a gorillapod. The camera is tiny and will stay in my purse all the time!

I've been getting a lot of knitting done these days alone. Last night I felt the urge to cast on something new. I've had this great finnish yarn from a swap in the back of my head for weeks and then suddenly I knew I had the perfect pattern for it too.

Very wooly wool

The yarn, SeVILLA, is one of those wonderfully sheepy natural yarns.. The woman who sent it to me told me it comes from a Finnish breed of sheep. It is both wooly and hairy at the same time. Not super soft, but I am sure it will soften a lot once washed. The colour is a grayish beige with a bit of chocolate brown mixed in, and some black longer hairs to. So delightfully rustic!

And last. The new camera has this neat feature that goes so well with the gorillapod. I can now set the camera up for a shot. Place myself in front of the camera and when I'm ready (none of that running to catch the self timer) I smile, and then the camera goes click-click-click.

The invisible haricut

I need a bit of practice on this, but it seems easy enough to be a great knitters "fo shot" feature.
(Can you tell I cut my hair on Tuesday? Well over 2"/5 cm. Neither can I, but I know it's off because I saw my own hair on the floor of the hairdressers. Strange. Can't feel it, can't see it.)

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Bezzie said...

My camera has a pretty long self-timer, but it will catch the random not-ready-face!

Enjoy your quiet time.