February 08, 2008


My two main WIPs at the moment.

Dad's cotton Koolhaas


Both black. Both require more alertness, consentration and good lighting than I usually prefer in my knits. I find it so very easy to be sidetracked. And I have been, I just have not told you about it. I'll have pictures to show for it too.

I hope to finish the Koolhaas hat by next weekend. Petter and Marie are going to visit my parents for a week (skiing) and I hope to send the hat to my dad along in their luggage.

The stockings don't have to be done until May, but I'm starting to feel the pressure already. When I reached the point I'm at now I was stupid enough to count how many rounds the chart is. Over 110. I'm at row 20-something. And I feel like I had knit this for ages.

A better picture of the pattern (and the lack of progress)

the back of the leg

Did you see that tiny piece of white string? Elastic thread (rubber string?). I knit it along whith the black yarn for most of the ribbing. Yes, I do think it will make a huge difference in the stockings ability to stay up.

I'm definately going to need something not black to take along to S'n'B on Tuesday.

Something like this:
istra 2049 istra 2052 istra 2055

I've got yarn for the star blanket I'm dying to start.
Mmmmmmmm, yum! Simple garter stitch!

What else? A funny story maybe?
I get a lot of get-married-pressure from time to time. Lately it's come from inside the house. We've had accusations of not being "proper parents" from Marie. "I'm probably the only one in my daycare who does not have proper parents!", I want a big party! etc.
Last night was given some (30!) beautiful roses and as I was getting ready to put them in a vase. Marie picked one up, held it out to me with both hands, arranged her face in a serious expression and said: "Dear mom, will you marry my dad?"
Talk about pressure...
(I don't mind it from M, that's cute. When coming from others; very annoying!)


Stariel said...

That is rather adorable that she's proposing for him. :)

Bonnie said...

Both WIPS look great! I'm knitting some blacks socks too, and I agree, good light is essential.

Thanks for the sweet story. :-)

Bezzie said...

Mmmm...I love black!

Yeah that's sweet coming from the young one--but I can see the annoying from everyone else.

turvid said...

Sort gir et fint resultat, men jeg er enig, det er ikke lett å jobbe med på sene kvelder.

Så søt Marie er. ;)