February 18, 2008

This could have been a pictureless post

I'm home alone for a week. The camera is on holiday with man and daughter. I was not so much looking forward to a whole week without snapping a single picture, so I thought I'd give the camera on the mobile phone I got for x-mas a try. It did not turn out too bad I think.

Inga hat

That's my Saturday and Sunday right there. Knitting the gorgeous Inga hat (Ravelry link) and watching TV by the fire.

Knitting is kind of slow, I take a lot more breaks than I normally would. Break: Put knitting in lap, stare at roof, nod off. I've had some pains knocking me out recently, but I've taken action and found myself an accupuncture guy. His tricks are working already, I'm glad to say. So I'll be back working on all my fluffy works in progress that need my attention soon, and spinning. I really want to do some spinning when I'm all better.

(Do I believe in accupuncture? Dunno. Do I understand it? No. Is it working? Yes. Do painkillers make throw up? Yes. In case you were wondering why I did not just see my doc.)


Bezzie said...

Wow! That's the BEST camera phone pic I've enver seen, I wouldn't have known had you not said something.
Hope your acupoker keeps getting the job done.

Elizabeth said...

The hat looks great! Sorry you're in pain, though.

Marita said...

Hatten ser kjempe fin ut, men for et konsentrasjonsarbeid. Fint å se at det er flere som har mange prosjekter gående:) Ha en fin uke alene. Blir sikkert en produktiv uke!