February 15, 2008

2008 - not the year of the sock

I caved!

What can I say, I could not contain my inner Sunnmøring*. There was a sale and I could not help myself.

I was pretty determined 2008 was not going to be as full of socks as 2007 was. I hope to be knitting more big things.

However, this is now going to be on it's way to me real soon and I want to cast on with it as soon as I get my hands on it!

Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sock in China Blue

Lorna's Laces Sheperd Sport in Irving Park

Fiber Trends sock blockers

All I can think is Yay! I could not even manage to wait until the yarn was actually here to share it on the blog.

*I realise a lot of my readers may not be familiar with the term Sunnmøring (I now have a blogpatrol installed here and can spy on my own blog;). Who knows, when I type it it may even show up funny on some of your screens. Is Sunnmoering better?
I was born and raised at Sunnmoere, tough I'm not pure bred. Word has it people from my part of the country are careful about their money (some claim greedy), is always up for a good bargain or ways to earn or save money. Place a sunnmoering on a desert island and soon you'll have a thriving community with a furniture factory and a small fleet of fishing boats. Another claim is that we cannot swim, because we can only motion our arms towards ourselves instead of away from us, and drown as a result.
Anyhooo, I just could not pass up this sale. I have been thinking about that China blue for over a week!
My dad can't walk past a sale to save his life, and he's not even born sunnmoering, only lived there for the past 35 years. The force is strong!


Bonnie said...

You're thrifty! And thrifty is good. At least, here in New England, thrifty is good. I'm from the Midwestern U.S. but now live in New England. Someone here once called me "an honorary New Englander" because, like you, I am thrifty.

Anyway, that China Blue is gorgeous! Cast on right away, so you have some beautiful new socks soon!

Bezzie said...

I wish the US had a colony of Cheapasses. I love that story.

As well as that pretty yarn!

Robin said...

I love sales. I have a bunch of fabulous sale sock yarn, and I don't even knit socks. Once something is 40% off, I just cannot help myself.

Batty said...

Beautiful. And who could resist a sale? I've been trying not to buy anything on several websites, but I keep checking back... the internet is the end of all yarn diets.

Elite said...

Jeg har full forståelse. Er det salg så er det salg. Jeg har selv siklet på den blå, men har klart å motstå i det jeg ikke har noen ide om hva jeg skulle bruke garnet til.