February 13, 2008

I'm gonna wrap myself in a fluffy spring cloud

I got money from my aunt for my birthday, for "something nice for yourself". Well, I've got something nice for myself!

Faerytale alpaca

Yummy suri alpaca, five skeins. Enough to make a Bolero Sweater.
So when spring comes, and winter jackets come off, I'll be wearing a little fluffy cloud around me. The yarn is handdyed in white and three different pretty kinds of blue.

I've already knit 2/3 of a sleeve. Looks good so far, and feels great.

Sweater bolero

Sweater bolero

The sleeve comes out a bit zebra stripey, but I don't mind. If it looks like the same thing is going to happen on the back and fronts I might knit them alternating two balls of yarn. Or I might love the blue fuzzy zebra look... I'm intrigued by the construction of this thing. A bolero and a turtleneck sweater at the same time. And if I'm right I might love it as much as the Cloud Bolero [Ravelry link] I knit last year and have been wearing a whole lot this winter.


Bezzie said...

It looks so cozy!!!

Bonnie said...

Oh my! That is SO lovely. And it looks like it feels lovely, too.

Supern√łtt said...

Mmm, har var det mye fint. Gleder meg allerede til å komme tilbake!