February 23, 2008

Missing the Casio

I miss our camera. I's still away with P and M. They'll be back tomorrow (yay), so normal pictures will be back soon. There are nice stuff to photograph too!

I finished some Breeze ankle socks last night. This morning the sun was shining on my bed as I was changing the linen on it and I took the opportunity to see what my little phone camera could actually do.

Breeze ancle socks - normal
Normal setting

Breeze ancle socks - daylight
Daylight setting

Breeze ancle socks - negative
Negative setting

Breeze ancle socks - retro
Retro setting

I think the retro does the socks the most favour, though I am fond of the negative too. Makes me think of the girl in Charlie and the chocolate factory whose face turned all purple. (Was it really a girl? I don't remember and I can't find the book.)

About the socks; Breeze is a great little pattern. If I was ever to change anything about these socks it would be to knit the first four rows of ribbing on smaller (2mm) needles. I'm predicting a sagging problem. I don't think I had any when I started the socks way back last summer. They only took one ball of Mandarin Petit, so This might be a nice stashbuster.


Batty said...

Whatever the setting, these cute little socks are beautiful!

Strikkelise said...

Great socks. Love the heels.
Enjoy your freedom ;)

reluctantMANGO said...

LOL... my favorite line from that movie: 'Violet! You're turning violet, Violet!'

The socks look great, I'm a fan of the retro setting too :)

Bezzie said...

Those are very cool! I think I like the retro too. I'm also very jealous of your cell camera, it might be cooler than my digital camera!