February 25, 2008

Close your eyes and think of spring

It's not far away now. I'm really looking forward to the easter holidays. Hopefully it will involve some skiing, because Inga is going to be my new skiing hat.


Such a great pattern. The chart is a tiny bit much at times, and there are some long floats to handle, but gosh, the final result is gorgeous.

Inga pattern

I used a blue/purple/red variegated yarn (Gjesdal Nagano) as contrasting colour to the white PT5 Sport by Rauma.
Love how it turned out.


Inga innards A fun looking liner knit from leftover alpaca yarn

Inga Picot hem turn

While I was outside trying to get good shots of Inga and I, I noticed this to:

Spring is coming Spring is coming

Spring is coming Spring is coming

Spring is right around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Det var det eg visste! Våren er like om hjørnet.. :D
Hua vart veldig flott. Likte så godt det garnet som skifta farge, gav litt meir liv i hua liksom :)

Elizabeth said...

It's beautiful! I hope you get a chance to wear it before spring truly arrives.

glittrgirl said...

Gorgeous!!!! I want one!

Bezzie said...

Love the picot edging! And flowers--in February!

The Happy College Knitter said...

Inga looks lovely--I love the veregated yarn you chose for the contrasting color. I'm really jealous of your sprouting plants, we're still completely snow covered here!

Jeanne said...

The hat looks fabulous -- and toasty-warm! Enjoy the skiing!

Batty said...

Amazing hat. I simply adore it. I like the variegated yarn, it brings life to the white background. Really does look like flowers peeking through snow.