May 02, 2007

Another fast project

At least I hope it is another fast project. It sure seems like it. I started knitting Monica for Marie yesterday around lunchtime, and I'm already well into the third ball of yarn. A day of knitting outside in the sunshine was marvelous. I even managed to get some colour on my body.

I showed Marie the pictures in the Monica pattern. She was very pleased with what she saw.


I showed her this picture first and showed her the yarn at the same time. I'm using green and pink Bamboo (from Sachenmayr Nomotta), it's 70% bamboo/30% cotton. Very yummy to work with and the fabric is gorgeous. Marie got to decide which colour to go where. She was very proud that she gets to "take part" in the project.

When I thought I was done showing her what I was going to knit for her and got up from my chair to go out and start the knitting she quickly grabbed my hand so I would not leave, scrolled down on the screen and said "But mom, what I really want is this!"


Then there was the long and sad story about why her mom does not sew much, nor does her grandmother. But she's very welcome to ask her dad... (insert evil grin)
Does rage against sewing machines run in the bloodline?

Hopefully there will be FO pictures of Monica the coming weekend.


reluctantMANGO said...

I love that pattern!!! All of my siblings' kids are boys though, so nobody to make it for :(

I suppose I could always make one for myself!!!

Bezzie said...

Yeah no girls to knit that for here either. But I am highly amused she wanted the tulle skirty thing too!