May 11, 2007



You think the straps look a bit long? This is why:
"Hey mom, this is almost like a kangaroo-pocket!"
-No, it's not...

We'll be working on "How to wear Monica" after it's been shrunk a bit in the dryer.

Pattern: Monica from Knitty
Yarn: Sachnmayr Nomotta - Bamboo. 6 skeins
Modifications: Knit in the round.
Verdict: Easy, fast and wearable for at least two summers. Yay!


Elizabeth said...

She's so cute! And the Monica top is adorable. But, yeah, you gotta work on her about tugging at those straps!

Sarah said...

Love it!

She is so cute, and the Kangaroo pocket part made me giggle.

Bezzie said...

SO CUTE!! I love those colors you picked!

And I also want to know how on EARTH you cut her bangs so straight! I wish whoever cuts her hair had cut mine as a kid, mine were never that nice!

Guro said...

Thanks for the nice comments!

Her bangs; our local hairdresser cuts/trims kids bangs for free, so long as the kid has had their original haircut there. That bang trim was done just two hours before the pictures were taken, that's probably why it's so obvious.

reluctantMANGO said...

How precious! And the top is cute too ;) I used to tuck my knees under the hem of my tops, so they were always stretched out around the bottom... my mom tried to break me of that for years!

Good to see she's enjoying her Monica, it looks fabulous on her!

Batty said...

Great pictures! Monica looks great, and nothing beats pictures of happy children in hand-knits. The only thing that comes even close are kittens.

Theresa said...

SÅ søt hun (og den!) er!!! :-)

rupr said...

She is really beutiful. I have 7years old niece, she is beautiful and I love to knit for her, because everything suits her so much.