May 06, 2007

Where did spring go?

Monica is done, but the weather has turned cold and windy, so I have no good FO pictures to show yet. She needs a wash and block too. I have not had a chance to do that yet, since Marie has been wearing her a lot.

We went for a nice hike in the woods today. But it was much colder outside than we thought it wold be. The warm spring sun was nowhere to be seen.

Marie had to wear handknit wool socks
Sock in the woods

Petter got the chance to wear his brand new Shedir for the first time.
He looks a bit thoughtful (unhappy/cold) in the first photo, but he really does like his new hat!

Smiling Petter!

Shedir was a fun knit. My first big cabling project and my very first time knitting (fondling) Rowan Calmer.

The pattern is very well written and easy to follow. And I did follow it to a tee. I managed to knit most of the cables without a cabling needle. And I thought it was going to finish it with just one ball of Calmer. No luck on that, unfortunately. I had to get a second ball for the last 10 rows of the hat. So now I have a nearly complete ball of Calmer in the stash, I think I only used 15 metres of it.

With my ability in knitting cables new, and my will to do more of them strong, I cast on for the first of two Trellises last night.


Bezzie said...

Hey! At least he got to wear Shedir before having to put it away for summer! Can't wait to see Monica.

Emilee said...

Very nice! He does indeed look happy in it. I hope Spring comes back soon.

Elizabeth said...

What a great hat! It suits him perfectly.

reluctantMANGO said...

Winter's having a hard time giving over to spirng here too... I'm definitley ready for warmer weather, but I've been happy to keep my handknit sock collection in the rotation for this long! It makes me sad to put them away. Glad to see your knits are getting one last hurrah!